“Cave Blazers” team’s new roguelike card work “The Battle of Snowdwell” debuted in April and today released the Switch demo version “Wildfrost”

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The Roguelike card game “Wildfrost” jointly developed by Deadpan Games and Gaziter, an independent game team of “Cave Blazers”, will be released on April 12, and the first Switch version will be released today for trial play.

Fight with the major elements! “Battle of Snowdwell” is a strategy game that combines Roguelike and card elements. Players need to travel through the frozen snowfields, collect powerful cards, and drive out the eternal winter. The story describes that the wilderness frost has ruled the world, and only Snowdwell is left struggling to support it. The fortress, and its inhabitants, are the last stand against the eternal winter.

Players use powerful card heroes and elemental items to build a deck to pass the level, go to the Temple of the Sun, and permanently dispel the eternal winter. Players have to choose among tribal leaders with random skills and attributes to start an adventure; choose a route and leave footprints on the extremely cold wasteland.

Collect a large number of cute and powerful card heroes, as well as super useful items and accessories. By trying different element card combinations and mastering the dynamic step counting system, challenge your own strategic skills. In addition, the hero card is not a minion that comes and goes when you call it. Players can upgrade and customize your favorite generals, add amulets to them, and strengthen their skills.

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