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KOLKATA: A letter of threat has been sent to the special judge of the CBI that if the Trinamool Congress leader Anuprata Mondal is not granted ‘bail’, a false case will be registered against the family members under the Narcotics Control Act.

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Trinamool Congress leader Anuprata Mondal was recently arrested in a cattle smuggling case. CBI has taken him into custody and is investigating. In this case, a threatening letter has been sent to Asanchal District CBI, Special Court Judge Rajesh Chakraborty who is investigating this case. In it, a threat has been made that ‘if Anuprata Mondal is not granted bail immediately, a false case will be registered against your family under the Narcotics Control Act’.

This letter has been sent in the name of Bappa Chatterjee of Trinamul Congress. But he denied it. Bappa Chatterjee has said that someone has sent a fake letter in his name. Regarding this threatening letter, Special Judge Rajesh has filed a complaint with District Judge Bassim Varthaman. He has also requested to take this matter to the notice of Kolkata High Court.

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