Celebrity makeup artist Renju Renjimar’s post goes viral on her birthday | I missed one of them; But it is always in my heart; Ranju Ranjimar with note

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Today is my birthday, no celebrations, no celebrations, I have never had a cake cutting or putting on new clothes, and since I was 15, I have forgotten all about life and celebrations and every birthday has passed like that.


Many stages of life have come and gone and I have had a hard time living in the midst of all this joy and sorrow, accusations, insults, criticism and insults. I did not walk the path that no one else had paved, but the path I had paved myself. Therefore, the journey was difficult.


It was a desire to save someone when someone’s help and encouragement came into the community to help them move forward. I tried to save many, some escaped, some halfway through, but there is a peace of mind and joy that few have been able to walk my path.


Yet criticisms were often the only gift, and the celebrations that some birthdays give my kids as a surprise have made me a lot happier. Today I feel it. The only sad thing is that I can not celebrate my birthday today with those who love me and my children are worried about it.


Putting on new clothes or cutting a cake or celebrating it all is not the point of view of my life. I missed a voice from those who informed me of Birthday Wishes. But your voice is always in my heart – Ranju clarified in the post.


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Meanwhile, many people came on stage to wish Ranju a happy birthday. Comments shared by some on the occasion of Happy Birthday were as follows: Happy Birthday ‘I know my sister is a good beauty artist and celebrity’ I felt very honored that day. It is possible to reach such heights from a state of social rejection. Wishing you longevity- Someone commented.

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