Central Bank’s announcement about those who leave the country!

According to a report released by the Central Bank, 251,151 people went abroad for work during January-October 2022.

The central bank says this represents a massive increase in the number of people traveling abroad for work annually before the pandemic began.

Meanwhile, it is reported that 28,473 people have gone abroad for work in the month of October 2022. Of these, 11,399 were unskilled workers, 7,887 were skilled workers and 6,165 went for domestic services.

According to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, foreign remittances recorded in the month of October 2022 were 355 million dollars.

Foreign remittances received in January-October 2022 were $2,929 million. During the same period in 2021, this value was reported at 4,895 million dollars.


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