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Corona hits the most important technology fair of the year hard!

In the run-up to the CES in Las Vegas (January 5th to 7th), many smaller companies presented their innovations at the “CES Unveiled”. A traditional kick-off event at which thousands of journalists regularly crowded before the corona pandemic. This year, however, there were empty aisles – and many of the otherwise coveted exhibition spaces were also empty.

Empty tables, few visitors – this is what the “CES Unveiled” kick-off event looked like

Photo: Andrej Sokolow / dpa

After all: The companies that traveled to Las Vegas despite the increasing number of infections presented a whole range of new gadgets – from bizarre robots to anti-snoring pillows.

BILD shows the first highlights of the technology fair!

► The Japanese company Yukai Engineering showed their robot “Amagami Ham Ham”. The cuddly fellow the size of a toy teddy is a therapy robot. Its function: If you put your finger in his mouth, he will suckle on it. This is said to have a calming effect like suckling a baby or a pet. Market launch should be in the spring, the price is not yet known.

Teaser picture

The Withings “Body Scan” collects data on the entire body and individual parts of the body


► The French manufacturer Withings is demonstrating a device that is supposed to provide health data about the whole body. The “Body Scan” not only detects weight, muscle and fat percentage or BMI of the entire body, but also of individual body parts such as arms and legs. Heart rate, 6-channel ECG or vascular age can also be determined. The “Body Scan” is said to cost 300 euros.

Teaser picture

The “BBalance” bath mat measures weight and differentiates between different users based on their footprint

Photo: Ethan Miller / AFP

► The intelligent bath mat “BBalance” measures the body weight and also analyzes the user’s balance, stability and posture. With the help of footprint recognition, the mat differentiates between different users. She sends her data to a smartphone app. Manufacturer Baracoda Labs wants to deliver the first devices in the spring, demands about 400 euros for it.

Teaser picture

The “Prinker M” is a printer for temporary tattoos, uses a waterproof ink


► With the “Prinker M” you can print temporary tattoos in a flash. You select the motif in an app, then move the device over your skin. The tattoos are printed with special waterproof ink and should be washable with soap. Available from January for around 175 euros.

Teaser picture

The “Liddle” bluetooth speaker is also attached to the back of an iPhone 13

Photo: Joe Buglewicz/AP

► The small Bluetooth loudspeaker “Liddle” from D3 Product has a built-in magnet, so it can be attached to all magnetic surfaces – for example the back of a smartphone. Price: around 25 euros.

Teaser picture

The “Motion Pillow 3” automatically changes the sleeper’s head position when he hears snoring


► This pillow is designed to keep snorers silent. The “Motion Pillow 3” from 10 Minds listens to the noises made by the sleeper and automatically inflates itself when they hear a snore. So the head position should be changed until the airways are clear again – no more snorkeling. The price: around 340 euros.



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