Chahar was ‘gentleman’ by not running out Tristan Stubbs; Fans say that the player showed the spirit of cricket – video | Deepak Chahar warns Tristan Stubbs at the non-strikers end

Although legally correct, mankading is known as an undignified act in cricket. Mankading is a run-out if the non-striker leaves the crease after the bowler has completed the bowling action and released the ball after the run-up.

Mankading was recently included in the runout by the ICC. Cricket fans are appreciating Deepak Chahar on social media for refusing the chance to run out Tristan Stubbs in the third Twenty20 match against South Africa.

The incident happened in the sixteenth over of the match. Chahar bowled. By the time he took the run-up and reached the crease, Stubbs, who was a non-striker, came out of the crease. Chahar walked back without a toss and pointed the ball towards the stumps. It was only in hindsight that Stubbs realized his mistake. The player immediately entered the crease. Chahar went to bowl again with a small smile.

Recently in women’s cricket, India’s Deepti Sharma was on the verge of England’s victory when her batsman Charlotte Dean was dismissed for mankading, causing controversy and much discussion in the cricketing world. England needed 17 runs off 39 balls to win the Indian player’s unexpected dismissal.

Charlotte left the field in tears that day. Even England men’s team captain Ben Stokes criticized the action of the Indian player. Many people took to the social media to appreciate Chahar’s decent game. A fan noted that the player showed the spirit of cricket.


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