Champions League final: what is Pep Guardiola’s “tactical genius”?

Champions League final: what is Pep Guardiola’s “tactical genius”?

2023-06-11 03:26:31

He asks the question as if nothing had happened but knows the small effect that will follow. “Do you remember what we did before the smartphone? Well in football, it’s the same thing. How did we do before Guardiola? “. For more than fifteen years, Thibaud Leplat, a philosophy teacher well known to football fans, has been fascinated by the Manchester City coach. In 2015, this Madrilist, also a journalist, dared to publish a book on the Catalan technician: “Eloge du style”, almost a thesis on the philosophy of an “artist”. Let’s face it, this man is not alone. Like certain singers, filmmakers, intellectuals, the Catalan attracts or repels. Sometimes even both at the same time. A question of cycles, teams, results…

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