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You have been looking forward to the Champions League opener between Barcelona and Bayern for days, and then you have to think about CSU woman Dorothee Bär (43) for almost 90 minutes. Triell-damaged already? No, brutally confronted with the new German TV reality in the royal league: STREAMING!

From this season onwards, only DAZN and (new) Amazon Prime Video will show the games on Tuesdays. If you haven’t noticed: The Champions League on classic TV has been dead since the rights knockout from Sky!

The online parcel service had its delivery premiere yesterday. Result: When the Amazon line is stable, the pictures are brilliant and the price (7.99 euros / month) is good. Unfortunately – and here we are again with our digitization officer Bär (since 2018) – we continue to live in the digital desert of Germany. Result: streaming Barça against Bayern live was about as unfriendly to the eyes for thousands of users as the new white alpine jersey of the Munich team.

The self-experiment in a major German city on computers, SmartTV, iPhone and iPad via W-Lan, Lan and LTE is representative of the social media complaints: on any device with changing connection types constantly jerk-free. Far too often sound and picture dropouts instead of UHD level. German network non-quality and obviously overwhelmed Amazon servers – there is a risk of a Champions League season with a stuttering stream.

There is less stuttering in the Amazon show itself: 90 minutes in advance with confident TV temporary workers such as presenter Sebastian Hellmann (53 / could also calmly moderate an escalating carnival session in sailor costume) or commentator Jonas Friedrich (41 / will be at Bayern- Gates, unfortunately, to the unpleasant barker) convey the well-known sky feeling.

As far as the analyzes are concerned, Amazon continues the general TV and Laschet trend at a dizzying pace: a glut of experts instead of concentration. The live team: Matthias Sammer (54), Mario Gomez (36), trainer Kim Kulig (31) and co-commentator and world champion Benedikt Höwedes (33 / not yet Sandro Wagner on the microphone, but definitely potential): The team that still has something wooden highlight show: Patrick Owomoyela (41 / the eternally casual) and flat cap trainer Steffen Baumgart (49 / exceptionally in a jacket and shirt). Massively exaggerated – and unnecessary!

A Sammer alone with his strong evaluations takes up so much space and time that everyone else beside him degenerates into extras. Whereby he can sometimes scare you with his endless dissections of game scenes: Then Sammer always reminds of US actor Jack Nicholson in the horror classic Shining: with a diabolical look that definitely does not allow any contradiction …

Not infrequently, even with the best will in the world, one cannot think of any contradiction to his analyzes. Sammer: “But the hole! The hole on the left is bigger than Mount Everest! ”You know, the mountain range in the Himalayas is 8,849 meters high. The hole in the Barça cover spotted by Sammer reached almost exactly from the Camp Nou stadium to the city beach in Barcelonetta!

Perhaps that is why Sammer colleague Gomez (speaks softly like only chief whisper Felix Magath) is still barefoot in noble leather slippers behind the expert desk, while Kulig (delivers refreshing short throw-ins) goes bogus in pumps.

Prime Video then surprises with a good field reporter: Shary Reeves (52). The ex-Bundesliga player, known as an actress and presenter (including “Knowledge Makes Ah”) – finally a new face in the traveling TV-soccer circus. Bayern star Thomas Müller (32), who grins continuously during the interview, is obviously also happy. Ah-effect succeeded!

On the other hand, annoying at Amazon: too much advertising, penetrant teaser for a musical film and a soccer documentary about – I’m slowly getting paranoid – ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger (37)! Unfortunately, the stream worked there …


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