Champions League: PSG held back by Benfica

90+4 mins. – Yellow card for Verratti:

Verratti is warned in turn for a late tackle on Rodrigo Pinho.

90+3 mins. – Yellow card for Neymar:

Neymar is sanctioned with a warning for protest.

90+1min. – Yellow card for Ruiz:

Fabian is cautioned for a foul on Rafa Silva.

90+1min. – Change:

Neres gives the place to Rodrigo Pinho.

87 mins. – Change:

Fabian Ruiz appears in place of Vitinha.

82 mins. – Change:

Lionel Messi gives way to Sarabia for this end of the match.

81 min. – Occasion pour Benfica:

Huge new save from Donnarumma! Rafa Silva recovers a high ball on Verratti and goes towards the goal by erasing Sergio Ramos and Marquinhos. The Portuguese tries to conclude with the outside of the foot but the Italian goalkeeper puts his body in opposition!

78 mins. – Change:

…and Aursnes takes the place of Fernandez.

77 mins. – Change:

Double change made by Roger Schmidt: Draxler replaces Gonçalo Ramos…

70 mins. – Yellow card for Ramos:

Excessive commitment from Gonçalo Ramos who receives a yellow card.

69 mins. – Opportunity for Paris SG:

Messi goes inside with his left foot from the right and serves Mbappé at the entrance to the surface on the opposite side. The Frenchman tries to wrap his right foot in the skylight. His attempt is on target but Vlachodimos pulls out a sublime save with a firm hand!

67 mins. – Change:

Nuno Mendes cannot continue and leaves his place to Bernat.

61 mins. – Opportunity for Paris SG:

Messi does a superb job of shifting Hakimi to the right in the area. The dry shot of the Moroccan is not crossed enough and Vlachodimos pulls out a new decisive save!

49 mins. – Opportunity for Paris SG:

The huge Parisian opportunity!!! Nuno Mendes addresses a low center from the left. Neymar misses his control and the ball comes back to Hakimi who tries a recovery from the left. Vlachodimos stretches well to clear the ball away. Neymar inherits the leather again and tries an acrobatic return with the left foot which hits the bar!!!

45 mins. – Yellow card for Fernández:

Verratti remains on the ground after a big duel with Fernandez, author of a sole on the tibia of the Italian, who receives a yellow card.

41 min. – But:

Buuuuuuuuuuut for Benfica!!! Paris takes too many risks by taking the ball out and Fernandez, well shifted to the left, sends a diving cross towards Gonçalo Ramos. Danilo Pereira, deceived by the trajectory, pushes the ball into his own goal!!! 1-1 between Benfica and PSG!

37 min. – Occasion pour Benfica:

Donnarumma again!!! After a corner played by two, Neres wanders into the box and Ramos counters him. António Silva inherits the ball from the penalty spot and releases a big shot that the Italian goalkeeper wards off the danger with both fists!

22 mins. – Goal for Paris SG:

Buuuuuuuut for PSG !!! Messi progresses with the ball and finds Mbappé in support who gives Neymar. The Brazilian puts in the race of the Argentinian who arrives launched at the entrance of the surface and wraps with the left foot in the opposite skylight!!! 1-0 for Paris!

18 min. – Occasion pour Benfica:

Donnarumma saves his people again! Neres, served in the space between Danilo and Nuno Mendes, enters the area and crosses his right shot hard! The Parisian goalkeeper pulls off a superb save with the opposite hand! Corner for Benfica.

08 min. – Occasion pour Benfica:

Donnarumma decisive! Gonçalo Ramos, launched in the back of the defense by a long ball, presents himself in front of the Italian goalkeeper and tries to deceive him at the near post but Donnarumma throws himself quickly and takes the ball out with the tip of his left foot!


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