Champions League; The Giants are in the prequarters

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The biggest clubs in the Champions League in the quarterfinals. Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Juventus have all reached the quarter-finals. In the decisive match, Barcelona drew 0-0 with Benfica. It will be difficult for Barcelona to face Bayern Munich in the final.

Manchester United won by two goals to nothing against Vieira, who went down for the first time since the dismissal of coach Ole. With this victory United secured the pre-quarter with 10 points. Vieira is second in the group with seven points.

The first half was dominated by Vieira. Dihia came in for two great saves to save United. Manchester United began to find their rhythm in the second half when they brought down Rashford and Bruno. Sancho’s chance from Bruno’s pass was determined to be a goal, but Vieira keeper Ruli Sancho blocked it with a superb save.

Manchester United took the lead in the 78th minute. Goalkeeper Rule delivers the ball to Fred Ranchi and delivers it to the real Cristiano Ronaldo. The goal was a repeat of Ronaldo defending United in the Champions League. This is Ronaldo’s sixth goal in the Champions League

United had a chance to double the lead in the final minutes. Jaden Sancho doubled Manchester United’s lead in the 89th minute with a counter – attack. This is Sancho’s first goal of his Manchester United career.

Defending champions Chelsea secured a place in the quarter-finals with a four-goal win over Juventus. Despite a miserable defeat, Juventus reached the quarter-finals.


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