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Crotone beaten. Napoli super in attack, but still struggling with mistakes in defense. Insigne reaches Cavani with 104 goals in the blue jersey

of Monica Scozzafava

Four straight wins, and the first time this season. There are even nine following the Maradona stadium. Napoli beat Crotone, and this is the Easter Champions gift, but they made a lot, too much effort. The draw between Juventus and Turin in the afternoon brought back fourth place in the standings (albeit in cohabitation with the bianconeri) after two and a half months. Just one day of rest and from tomorrow the head will only be for Juve, the match at the Stadium on Wednesday. A match that becomes fundamental for the Champions’ ambitions.

The two faces

The numbers are therefore favorable to the trend of the last few weeks, but Rino cannot rest assured if his team, to get the better of Crotone, forty points below and last place in the standings, must thank the saving goal of a fullback, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, not a pure southpaw, who got the game back on its feet with a diagonal left-footed shot. Napoli on 3-1 made themselves reach (Simy and Messias) and the uncertainties of the central defense, Manolas and Maksimovic, were evident and above all still an expression of sudden and inexplicable drops in concentration. Crotone plays to destroy the opponent’s construction, but in the second half, when Gattuso’s team gave the worst of s, they constantly held the ball, crushing Napoli in their own penalty area. Di Lorenzo’s unexpected goal did not stop the enthusiasm and the game was open until the final minutes.

The strength of the attack

There is the other aspect, or rather the other face of Napoli, which instead convinces and leads to optimism in Champions projection: the strength of the attack and the aesthetic perfection of the three goals by Insigne, Osimhen and Mertens. The captain was the first to open the scoring. Action from the right by Di Lorenzo, passage slightly backwards and to the right by Insigne who also makes use of a detour. The doubling of Osimhen and comes from the Insigne-Fabian-Insigne triangulation to serve Osimhen in a scissor kick, which in solitude he only has to lean on the goal. We come to the free-kick at the edge of Mertens’ area and those of the author: the Belgian points the goalkeeper’s post and Cordaz remains to watch the ball enter the net. Beautiful and fast actions, and Insigne is always the great inspirer. The captain reaches 104 goals in the blue jersey, reaches Cavani and rejoices with a particular dance. Overcome Lozano, goal number 14 in the league, as the team’s top scorer. He does not imagine that the worst is yet to come (in the second half) but it does not take long to realize that the second forty-five minutes are of absolute sacrifice. He defends in the moment of difficulty and in the final stretches the team again, touches the double to definitively close the match. Forced to roll up his sleeves to play for his teammates and avoid even more painful consequences than the mistakes of his teammates. The second half a torture, with Molina varying as she wants and Simy always in the thick of the action. In short, a two-faced match that gives Gattuso the pass for the Champions League goal and makes the match against Juventus on Wednesday a crossroads of fundamental importance. And the feat of Di Lorenzo to give the most important chance of the season.

April 3, 2021 | 20:49

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