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Mystery of the selfie of power

There is nothing here by chance

Who got the most likes – What Habeck, Baerbock, Lindner and Wissing want to tell us

Photo: Volker Wissing / dpa

The Chancellor-makers from the Greens and the FDP have already earned over 200,000 likes with their negotiation selfie on Instagram (as of 10:43 a.m.). Last night, the Greens bosses Robert Habeck (52) and Annalena Baerbock (40), the FDP chairman Christian Lindner (42) and his general secretary Volker Wissing (51) posted a photo of the start of the explorations of the new federal government (BILD reported).

What at first looks like a harmless selfie, but lets you look deep into the negotiations. BILD says what the Instagram photo of the four Chancellor makers reveals about the soundings.



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