Changanassery is a 16th level pilgrimage site. We Today : Nattu Visesham

Changanassery: In the direction of excellence At the pilgrimage center of Ran Marthomma Shliha 16th Pilgrimage to Dukrana Thirunal Acha Ranam will also take place today.

At the pilgrimage center at seven in the morning Assistant Bishop Mar Thomas will consecrate the floor. Will send. At 12 noon, the spiritual father Rev. Dr. Jose will lead everything in the new study.

The extraordinary youth- leadership of SMYM Niran Pilgrimage to Thila will start at 8.15 am today. It will start from Sherry Metropolitan Church. At 8.15 in the morning, Archbishop Mar Joseph Peruntotam finished. The site will be flagged off. Continue Pilgrimage to Central Junction, Itinji. Stop by Llam, Kavumbhagam, Potiyadi and Katapra. Will reach Tana Kendra at noon. Thousands of youth from 16 foronas Faith community with us It will be lined up.

For the community sacrifice that takes place in the pilgrimage center Archbishop Mar Joseph Peruntotam Will bear Kerala Assembly Reforms Formal Inauguration and Archbishop Administration and

Yuvadeepti-SMYM Associate Director Fr. .​​ Antony Anak has at least a variety of forona Dirac. The terms will also be cooperative. Yuvadeepti-SMYM Superintendent Jour. J Joseph, General Secretary Tom Thomas, Dept. T President Janet Mathew, Treasurer Alan Tommy Ngiya will provide leadership.


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