Changes in the manner of discounting telephone services for people with disabilities and blind certificate holders

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The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security published this morning (Sunday) an announcement of changes in the manner of granting the benefit of the discount for telephone calls for people with disabilities and people with a blind certificate valid from 01.01.22.

In accordance with an agreement reached in the Knesset between the disabled organizations, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, people with disabilities who were hitherto entitled to a funded discount for using Bezeq’s telephone services will receive a permanent supplement to their disability pension.

People with blindness who are entitled to a similar benefit will receive an annual grant of NIS 360 directly to their bank account for the purpose of contacting a communications company of their choice. Holders of a valid blind certificate, who are eligible for the grant, are requested to send the following two documents to the means of communication listed below:

  1. Certificate of bank account management or photocopy of a check.
  2. Photocopy of ID card including appendix.

The documents can be transferred via an online form on the firm’s website, by e-mail or by fax to 02-5085475

Beginning in 1992, the state granted discounts on the use of the telephone for people with disabilities and people with blindness as part of their basket of services to which these populations are eligible. Following the changes that have taken place in the communications market in recent years, the Ministries of Finance and Welfare have decided to transfer the benefit financing directly to those eligible so that they can choose for themselves which telephony services they want to use.

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