“Changing your mind is not weakness but intelligence”

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Antonella Viola’s appeal to the no vax. “I really address those who refuse the vaccine without any presumption: changing their minds, as conditions change, is not a sign of weakness, but of intelligence. If until a few months ago you were convinced that the” anti-covid “vaccine was not sure or necessary, now, looking at all the vaccinated people around you and at the epidemiological situation, you could re-evaluate your positions “, says the immunologist from the University of Padua who warns:” Please think about it. Get vaccinated “, because “stories like that of Antonietta and Sharon must not happen again”, he stresses in reference to the death, in the Salerno area, of the young mother who was not recommended to have the vaccine during pregnancy and of her baby, born prematurely, but died soon after.

“In the history of our country – writes the scientist on Facebook,” every time we split into two opposing sides, things did not go well. My feeling is that at this moment for some of us the issue of vaccines is no longer a health issue, but an identity issue. One identifies with the chosen position and to deny it means to deny oneself. But is not so. Intelligence has evolved as the ability to adapt to critical situations of the surrounding environment. Intelligence is flexibility, in animals as well as in humans “, Viola insists.

“We are not deployed in two football teams that play the cup until the last minute: we are all on the same side, each with their own doubts, which must not become – warns the expert – a cage from which we cannot escape. “.

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