Chatbot and Ai, the new e-commerce trend is ‘conversing’

“Conversing”. This is the watchword of the new course of
internet trade, a trend that the marketers of the future they dubbed “conversational commerce”. Whatsapp, chatbot and payment links will in fact be the new sales tools and the numbers speak for themselves. According to the 2021 data of, in fact, only SMS have a response rate of 209% higher than to traditional calls, e-mails or Facebook and 99.9% of SMS in absolute are opened.

Based on the research “The conversation at the center of the customer journey”, carried out by PayPlug together with Transactionale and LiveHelp, from the data it emerged that the ‘conversational’ is establishing itself as the marketing strategy of the future for the world of e-commerce. And there are already 31.7 million Italians who use the Internet in the purchasing process and who expect effective customer service. Furthermore, every online conversation can end with a sale thanks to new payment solutions, such as Pay-by-link.

“Conversational commerce is an opportunity for brands that they can offer on the one hand a personalized shopping experience – from customer service to the conclusion of the order – on the other stand out from the big e-commerce platforms and in this process the payment represents a crucial moment to accompany the customer in the sale “explains Gloria Ferrante, Marketing Manager Italy of PayPlug, the company that created the first online payment solution designed and conceived 100% for SMEs.

To support e-commerce and physical and online stores in this transformation path from ‘multichannel’ to ‘omnichannel’ commerce, PayPlug, Livehelp, and Transactionale suggest you focus on “messaging to build customer loyalty”. Marianna Chillau, eo and Co-Founder of Transactionale, notes that “SMS and instant messaging apps can be particularly effective in building a relationship between brands and users, especially considering the importance that omnichannel and integration are acquiring. between online and offline “.

Through messaging channels, “it is in fact possible to respond in real time to users’ questions and curiosities, to transform them into purchase opportunities, increase conversions and build a relationship of trust with your Customer Base “explains the manager of the Cross Advertising platform created to give e-commerce a new Lead Acquisition and SMS Marketing tool.

According to a research by the Milan Polytechnic Observatory, 31.7 million Italians use the Internet in one or more phases of the purchasing process and who expect effective customer service both at the point of sale and on the website, e-commerce, social network and contact center. Against this backdrop, Capgemini found that 76% of companies believe they have gained significant benefits from integrating voice support or chatbot services into their customer care management.

“But beware: a chatbot generates value when it is able to respond more and more effectively to user requests and is able to do so if his knowledge base is constantly updated by a human Chatbot Trainer, which supports artificial intelligence in the learning process “warns Chiara Arlati, Cmo of LiveHelp, the first Italian Omnichannel Digital Customer Care Suite.

Finally, Arlati notes that “In 2020, only 36% of brands were equipped with a chatbot for assistance or commercial purposes. The Artificial Intelligence market in Italy reached 300 million euros in the same year, 15% more than in 2019, according to the 2020 data from the Milan Polytechnic Observatory “.” This figure – he indicates – proves us that investments in Artificial Intelligence are growing and that there is a promising future for this sector “.


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