Checkers & Rally’s network adopts Hi Auto speech recognition solution for custom orders – Techtime

Checkers & Rally’s network adopts Hi Auto speech recognition solution for custom orders – Techtime

March 15, 2022

The chain has about 900 branches throughout the United States, and the deal will bring the Israeli company millions of dollars a year. Two more chains, which are among the top ten in the United States, are in advanced pilot processes.

The chain of restaurantsDrive Thru The American Checkers & Rally’s Adopts a speech recognition solution developed by the Israeli start-up companyHi Auto from Tel Aviv. The solution allows restaurants to take orders from vehicles passing through the restaurant using an artificial intelligence system that allows drivers to have a natural conversation with a virtual assistant at the order counter.

Network Checkers & Rally’s Includes about 900 branches throughout the United States. In 2022, 420 branches will be implemented in the solution. During 2023, the solution will be implemented in the other branches of the chain. Hi Auto Works in the model SaaS And the deal will put millions of dollars into the company’s coffers each year. According to the company, two more fast food chains, which are among the top ten in the US, are in advanced pilot processes for a fee to examine the implementation of the solution of Hi Auto. The US fast food market is estimated at $ 300 billion and orders from theDrive Thru Occupy over 80% of it.

The speech recognition solution she developed Hi AutoAllows the driver arriving at the reservation station to ‘talk’ in natural language with AutoThe smart virtual assistant that is established TO THE And accepts his order, understands its components, offers him in a human voice additions and upgrades (Upsell), Transmits the order details to the kitchen. According to Hi Auto, the accuracy level of the system is 95%. She understands complex menus, is able to understand the client’s half-sentences, different accents, numerous and detailed requests and keep track of changes in the order made by the customer during the call.

The system actually functions as an outstanding employee who has been trained, does not get tired, always shows up for work, is always polite, and does not forget to recommend upgrades (Upsell). In this way, the system not only helps to solve the manpower crisis in the US restaurant industry, which suffers from the departure of hundreds of thousands of employees a month, but also improves the restaurant’s performance compared to a human employee. For example, in recordings of employees it turned out that they offer to do Upsell Only about 10% of orders while the system offers to do Upsell In about 70% of orders. Because the cost structure in restaurants consists mainly of fixed costs, this change immediately affects the profit line.

Roi Bahrav, CEO Hi Auto A message: “Auto She is the first virtual assistant in the world to be widely deployed in fast food chains. The solution we have developed reduces the workload and dependence on manpower by taking orders automatically and helps to overcome the shortage of about 1.5 million workers in the US that has worsened in the last two years in the industry. In the future, the virtual assistant will improve all sales processes in the restaurant and will also manage the work in the kitchen. ” According to Bahrav, “Routine work, at low wages and under pressure, causes a rapid turnover of workers and a constant race in recruitment and training. And in the current crisis, owners are unable to staff the restaurant with a minimum of staff and are forced to close early. The vision of the chains today is to build a restaurant that is based on fewer employees who receive higher wages and are consistent over time. ”

Hi Auto Founded in 2019 by Roi Bahrav (81 and Google), Eyal Shapira (Talpiot graduate, 81 and entrepreneur of several start-ups), and Zohar Zisapel (Serving as an active chairman and investor in the company). The company has raised $ 8 million since its inception and is preparing for the round A During 2022. The company currently employs 40 people, the vast majority of them in the development center in Tel Aviv and intends to double the number of employees in the coming year in order to meet the growth challenges.

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