Chellamma actor Arnav complains about Sevanthi serial actress Divya for trying to abort the fetus – Oneindia Tamil

  1. Chellamma actor Arnav complains against Chelvandi serial actress Divya for abortion attempt..threats Oneindia Tamil
  2. Live in, convert, marry, get pregnant… – serial actor husband beating and harassing; Screaming Tamil… Daily Telegraph
  3. Your fetus will be abortion… Vijay TV Chellamma cursed co-star Sidhu’s wife News18 Tamil
  4. The actor husband who beat her when she was pregnant..the fetus can be aborted whenever she wants” serial actress Divya screams Oneindia Tamil
  5. “Divya is trying to destroy my child along with her friend” – actor Aranav complains Puthiya Thalaimurai
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