CHG Targeted Therapy treats cancer at the point New options for treatment that meet the needs – Stock Dimension

CHG Targeted Therapy treats cancer at the point  New options for treatment that meet the needs – Stock Dimension

Stock dimension – Chularat 3 International Hospital or CHG strives for excellence in comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment services. focus on treatment on point With targeted therapy, it destroys cancer cells directly and causes fewer side effects than chemotherapy-radiation therapy. It is a new hope for cancer patients.

Dr. Ekkamol Paiboon Wattanapong internal medicine doctor Internal Medicine Oncology Chularat 3 International Hospital or CHG reveals the situation of world cancer that cancer is one of the leading causes of death of people around the world. It is a public health problem in every country at present. For Thailand, the incidence of cancer tends to increase continuously. According to statistics, there are 139,206 new cancer patients per year and 84,073 deaths per year, on average every 6 minutes there will be a death. 1 person is the number one cause of death for Thai people.

cause of cancer Both from internal factors such as heredity, mutation of normal cells in the body, etc., and external factors From living behavior and environment such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating foods contaminated with carcinogens Including various pollution at present, the top 5 most common cancers in Thai people include 1. Liver cancer 2. Lung cancer 3. Bile duct cancer 4. Breast cancer and 5. Cancer of the circulatory system The opportunity to reduce the risk of cancer. is detected as soon as possible with a screening method or annual health check Because cancer can be treated if detected early and treated early.

Chularat 3 International Hospital Cancer Center offers diagnosis and treatment services for all types of cancer. with light irradiation to destroy cancer cells The use of chemotherapy drugs to destroy or inhibit the growth of cancer cells. and cancer treatment using targeted drugs (targeted therapy) inhibiting the mechanism of action of cancer cells for the general public With advanced and highly efficient medical equipment technology that meets international standards with a team of cancer specialists to assess the risks screening Fast, accurate, accurate diagnosis, including comprehensive care. with a team of medical professionals from many fields Co-determine the best and appropriate treatment plan for each patient. including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drug-targeted cancer treatment as well as a multidisciplinary team A team of professional nurses and medical personnel in various fields Related come to take care of the physical health and mental state of patients closely and friendly both before treatment during treatment and after treatment as well as having a laboratory (Lab) that has been accredited to international standards

“Cancer is a difficult disease to treat. It’s complicated and intense. Requires physicians who have experience and expertise in treatment. The Chularat 3 International Hospital Cancer Center is considered one of the centers of medical excellence in providing health services to the public in screening. fast healing continuous and comprehensive To increase the chances of recovering from cancer if detected in the early stages And the good quality of life of the people, ”said Dr. Ekkamol.

while Dr. Wittawat Chandamnernpong internal medicine doctor Department of blood medicine More on the strengths of the cancer center. Chularat 3 International Hospital that has taken into account the effectiveness of treatment and the safety of patients as much as possible. With a team of doctors who specialize in cancer, especially and a team of specialists from many fields. Including the speed of diagnosis and processing. To plan cancer treatment at the point that is suitable for each individual patient and causes the least side effects as well as a variety of communication channels with patients

for drug-targeted cancer treatment It is an innovative drug used to treat cancer. that target specific destruction of cancer cells to stop or slow down the growth of cancer cells only without damaging normal cells by using oral tablets or intravenous injections resulting in high treatment efficiency Side effects on normal cells of the body are relatively less than radiotherapy and chemotherapy. that destroy normal cells and cancer cells in the patient’s body which drug-targeted cancer treatment These drugs alone can be used to treat all types of cancer. Or in combination with other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, etc. However, not all cancer patients can use targeted cancer treatment. It depends on the type and stage of the cancer. including the presence of receptors for targeted drugs and a diagnosis of proper treatment from a doctor For the highest efficiency in treatment and increasing the chances of being cured from cancer.

“Targeted cancer treatment It is another good alternative to treat and suppress cancer at the present point. because it makes patients have a better quality of life from treatment As well as helping patients relieve anxiety from side effects that occur less than other methods of treatment, ”said Dr. Wittawat.

This is to make people aware of the importance of health and reduce the risk of getting sick with cancer. The medical team at Chularat 3 Inter Hospital Cancer Center recommends taking care of yourself more. including modifying various risky behaviors in daily life regular exercise as well as screening for cancer and regular health check-ups This can help reduce the risk of cancer.

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