Chhatra League leader’s surrender after killing his wife with Facebook status

Chhatra League leader’s surrender after killing his wife with Facebook status

2023-05-15 13:32:43

Ali Imam Khan Anu, Vice President of District Chhatra League, has been accused of stabbing his wife Saima Saima Parveen (20) to death in Jhalkathi. After killing his wife, he surrendered to the police with a Facebook status.

The incident took place at the proposed Ecopark in Jhalkathi around 11 am on Monday (May 15).

Ali Imam Khan is the son of Didar Hossain Khan of Ichanil area of ​​ward number 7 of Anu town and the deceased Saima Parveen is the daughter of Shahadat Talukdar of Naikathi area of ​​Sadar upazila.

While surrendering to the police, Anu said, after four and a half years of love relationship, I got married on September 2, 2021 through Ponabalia Union Kazi. After three months of marriage, wife Saima got involved in extramarital affair. Saima did not listen despite repeated prohibitions in this regard, so I called her to Ecopark.

He said, when I asked Saima to correct herself, she started arguing with me. Unable to correct him at one stage of the conversation, he was stabbed with a knife and died on the spot. If I could correct him, I would not kill him.

Chhatra League leader Anu also said, after that, I called several people and waited at the scene to send the police. As the police were late in coming, I posted a few statuses on Facebook admitting the murder. Later I surrendered myself to the police station.

Jhalkathi Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) Muhitul Islam said that after the murder, Anu himself went to the police station and surrendered. The dead body was found after going back to the spot with him. Surathal report found two stab marks on the body and one on the chest. Death occurred due to excessive bleeding after stabbing.

The police officer said that the accused has been taken into police custody. In the initial interrogation, Anu himself admitted the responsibility of the murder and said that he alone killed his wife due to alienation. However, during the preparation of Surathal report, a new knife was also recovered by searching the victim’s bag. The body has been sent to Sadar Hospital Morgue for autopsy. Further legal action is pending.

Atiqur Rahman/MRR/MS

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