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Chennai: Chief Minister Stalin met Tamil Nadu Governor Ravi today (March 15). Meanwhile, DMK MP Balu demanded that the Tamil Nadu governor be replaced in the Lok Sabha.

In the Tamil Nadu Assembly, the Governor has not yet sent to the President for approval a bill to amend the law exempting ‘Need’ selection. In this context, Chief Minister Stalin met Governor Ravi this afternoon (March 15). Ministers Thuraimurugan, Ponmudi and Ma Subramaniam accompanied the Chief Minister to the Governor’s House. At this meeting, NEET is expected to urge the President to expedite the passage of the law amendment bill.

Lok Sabha

Meanwhile, in the Lok Sabha, DMK MP DR Palu has demanded the transfer of the Tamil Nadu governor. Speaking in the Lok Sabha, he said the governor has pending approval of 7 bills sent by the Tamil Nadu government. The Governor must immediately approve the NEET Exemption Bill passed in the Legislature. Governor Ravi is acting in disregard of the law. Do you pretend to disrespect the law? Governor Ravi should be replaced if he does not approve of bills including NEET exemption.



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