Chigi crossroads. Draghi sees Salvini, Letta and Gentiloni. What they talked about

The dem leader in conversation with the premier on business and Recovery Plan. Then the meeting with Salvini

Letta-Draghi talked about businesses and the Pnrr above all about the government agenda and the economic situation, the Pd secretary Enrico Letta and the prime minister Mario Draghi. According to what is learned from sources in the Nazarene, during the meeting the Pd leader first of all placed priority on the business decree, which he had also spoken about today with the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini.

We discussed the initiatives to be taken in support of the productive categories most tested by the crisis, starting with SMEs and VAT numbers. Another topic of discussion was the PNRR: Read, it is explained, illustrated the work of the political proposal done in recent weeks by the new secretariat, based on three priorities: young people, women and the South. All to be framed in the perspective of social and environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, Letta would have emphasized the importance of guaranteeing the protagonism of the territories and local authorities, together with the proper involvement of social partners and intermediate bodies pursued by the government. The European Commissioner for the Economy also went to Draghi today Paolo Gentiloni: at the center of the meeting, sources from Palazzo Chigi explain, the current European economic situation.

United by the idea of ​​a full-bodied business decree and by support for Draghi, inevitably divided over everything else: it lasted, as reported askanews, about an hour and a half the expected meeting between Enrico Letta and Matteo Salvini. An interview, held at the Arel headquarters, which is part of the horizon with all its strength
policies initiated by the new dem secretary (who this morning also saw Vito Crimi).

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The face to face, League sources say, took place in a “cordial atmosphere”. Letta summarizes it as follows: “With the League we will go to the elections on opposing fronts but at this moment together we support the Draghi government, we cheer for the Draghi government to get Italy out of the pandemic with vaccines and economic recovery”. “On some points – explains Salvini – the battle is common: an imposing, important, courageous business decree, dedicated to those who risk their own, to VAT numbers, traders, artisans, small businesses to be done by April and then the theme health and reopening “. Dal Carroccio explain that
this measure, which should no longer be called dl supports but dl companies, will have to count on a significant sum, higher than all those foreseen in the past, “to help the too many forgotten”.

“With Salvini – confirms Letta – we agreed on the need, after having listened to the social partners, for the government to issue an important business decree to help the world of the economy and small businesses in this very difficult moment”.

In the meeting, however, there was no talk of electoral law. “For me, what is there is fine”, cuts short the leader of the Carroccio. As for the Copasir node, whose presidency is now entrusted to the Northern League Volpi but claimed by Fdi as an opposition force, the former Minister of the Interior explains that he reiterated to Letta “the request to reset everything” with resignations for all members “Because” it seems to me a sensible request “.

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