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Kollam ∙ The state government has initiated discussions to resolve the problem as the crisis worsened in Childline where it could not respond efficiently to the calls of children asking for help. The work came to a halt when the central government cut the funds. Although the final decision has not been taken on how to proceed, the state government is of the opinion that the childline system should be maintained. Consideration is given to funding the activities or making other, more effective interventions.

As the economic crisis worsened, Childline employees in many districts had quit their jobs in the last 2 months. Those who remain have ceased field operations in most districts. With this, children who call for help including legal protection are in crisis. Childline is a system that plays a crucial role in reporting issues including sexual violence against children in the state.

Funds were not allocated this financial year after the controversial decision to transfer Childline from the Ministry of Women and Child Development to the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. NGOs had also stopped providing financial support due to fears that the Childline system would be changed altogether. The NGOs have to get lakhs of rupees as arrears.

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