Children of the Vologda Region can undergo a free examination at the Health Centers

Children’s Health Centers operate in Vologda and Cherepovets. They provide minor citizens with the opportunity to undergo a free medical examination every year, which will allow timely identification of the likely health risks of young patients.

In the capital of the Vologda Region, the Health Center operates on the basis of the Vologda City Children’s Polyclinic No. 1. Children from 4 to 18 years old are admitted for examination. In Cherepovets, the age limit is somewhat narrower – the patient must be from 6 to 18 years old. In the city of metallurgists, the Health Center operates on the basis of the Cherepovets City Children’s Polyclinic.

Children’s Health Centers offer a wide range of examinations: from screening of the level of psychophysiological and somatic health to dental consultations. However, the list of procedures may vary depending on the location of the survey.

All procedures can be done in the complex in one visit. In this case, the young patient will need to be allocated 40-50 minutes for an appointment. In order to receive professional advice and conduct examinations, a resident of any district of the region must have a medical policy with him. It should be noted that over eight thousand children have turned to the specialists of the Health Centers since the beginning of the year.

The material was prepared by the information agency “Our Region”. Media registration certificate IA No. FS 77 – 72052 dated December 29, 2017 issued by Roskomnadzor.



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