Children with special needs were hosted by MS Ashdod

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As part of the week of exposure and raising awareness for people with special needs, the group hosted a third training session for children from the Gvanim and Comprehensive Eleven School. The children had a short training with the players and at the end received a gift from the club.

This week is “Exposure Week”, marked “and love your neighbor as yourself”, to increase awareness of the needs of special populations and strengthen their self-confidence. As every year during the exposure week, the Ashdod Sports Club hosts a variety of children to raise awareness. On Tuesday, children from the Gvanim and Comprehensive Eleven school came to the group’s morning training.

The visit began with physical activity for children conducted by the group’s fitness trainers. The children then went for free kicks to the goal, with our goalkeepers Yoav Jaffy, Sahar Hasson and Raz Zaguri standing in the goal.

Later the children were photographed with the actors who gave personal treatment to each boy and girl. The team coach, Ran Ben Shimon, went through all the children and thanked them for coming and the right to host them in the team training. At the end of the club, he presented the children with a gift, medals and shirts from MS Ashdod that contributed to the feeling of pride and belonging.

Sivan Sybilia Naini, principal of Gvanim School: “It was physical training that deals with football game skills but more than that it was training for all participants in communication-social skills and how the game serves as a means of interpersonal connection, raising awareness and experiencing new and challenging activities.


The team players showed sensitivity and flexibility and winning the unique experience became a mutual benefit for all participants. “Gvanim students received the team shirt and a medal, but mostly came back with energies and a feeling that anything is possible for them.”

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The week of exposure gives us an opportunity to develop in society the ability to accept the other and contain the different. Ashdod Sports Club considers it a top value in cooperation with the community in the city, and the club will continue to promote this important issue during the rest of the year.

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