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Gabriel Boric wins Chilean presidential election With the election victory, 35-year-old Gabriel became the youngest president in Chile. Borik is the leader of the left-wing Social Convergence Party. Borik defeated far-right leader Jose Antonio Castin. Elections were held in Chile on Sunday.

Sebastian Pinera is currently the President of Chile. Pinera, a member of the National Renewal Party, a Liberal Conservative party, has been president of Chile since 2018. Gabriel Borick received 56 percent of the vote, while Antonio Castin received 44 percent. Boric was a student leader who led the popular uprisings and demonstrations against corruption and inequality in Chile in 2019 and 2020.

Who is Gabriel Borick?

Boric was born and raised in Magellans, southern Chile. He entered student politics while in high school. In 2011, while a law student at the University of Chile, he was elected president of the union.

But Gabriel did not complete his degree. Instead, Chile won elections in 2013 and has twice been elected. In addition to Chile’s two major alliances, he became one of the first left-wing leaders in the country to represent a political party.

Borick claims that those who were previously in power in the country did not have the courage to address the country’s inequalities. Boric, a well-known face of the Chilean left, was a vital candidate for the presidency.

He is the adored man of the youth. Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal and Mexican actor Gayle Garcia Bernal in The Montalorian are his fans.

Former Chilean President and current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has welcomed Borick, saying he will lead Chile on the path to progress, greater freedom, equality and human rights. After the victory, Boric said he would take strong action against Chile’s economic inequalities and bring about innovative reforms to combat it.

Left-wing activists from across the region hailed Borik.



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