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Today 12:10 pm

China alludes to a ban on imports of agricultural products, including meat, from Australia and New Zealand. Chinese media are reporting the halting of agricultural imports from the two countries in Oceania. However, both Australia and New Zealand state that they have not yet received an official notification from China.

Reuters reported this today (Tuesday, August 16). China would like to ban the import of agricultural products such as meat to avoid the risk of the introduction of foot-and-mouth disease. The quarantine disease is affecting Indonesia, among others. The Indonesian island of Bali, among others, is a popular holiday destination among Australians and New Zealanders. The risk of introducing the disease through tourists is a possibility, but so far, foot-and-mouth disease has not been found in livestock in Australia and New Zealand.

Both countries have taken extra security measures at customs, among other things. Australia has previously calculated that a possible outbreak of FMD in the country could cause potential damage of US $56 billion. Both Australia and New Zealand indicate that they have been able to clear shipments of meat at Chinese customs after the rumors of a possible import ban. The countries have also been in contact with the Chinese authorities, confirming that China has not officially announced the import ban.


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