China does not stop posting pictures of feng shui

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Tennis star Feng Shui has not been seen in public for 19 days, but the Chinese government has been distributing videos and photos of the tennis player for the past 24 hours – all to prove that Shawi is indeed healthy and whole and will not be harmed.

The media saga began last Thursday, when the Chinese institutional media released an e-mail that Feng allegedly wrote to the head of the World Tennis Association, Steve Simon, in which she states that “the allegations of sexual assault are untrue. Shlomi is good, and I am not absent,” Asked the organization to stop trying to act on the issue, but it turns out that the White House did not exactly buy things.

“The U.S. administration is certainly concerned about reports that Feng Shui is missing after accusing a former Chinese government official of sexual assault. We join the call for Chinese authorities to provide credible evidence about her condition and her safety,” White House spokeswoman Jen Saki said.

Last night, the persuasion efforts continued with a video in which Shawi is seen spending time in a restaurant with friends and her coach. WTA President Steve Simon questioned: “I’m happy to see the videos with Feng Shui, but it’s still unclear if she’s able to make decisions for herself without coercion. This video alone is not satisfactory. I’m still worried about her health.”

This morning (Sunday) China went two steps further and posted official photos and videos of Shawi at a tennis court in Beijing, where she is seen stamping on fans and thanking fans, but even the latest photos did not convince WTA leaders at all that despite several attempts to contact Feng Shui, no sign of life was heard on her behalf. “It still does not calm our fears,” they explained.


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