China expects to change the route of trucks due to congestion on the border with Russia

China, amid traffic jams at the Zabaikalsk-Manchuria international automobile checkpoint (IACP), expressed hope that Russia will reconsider the route of trucks with trailers across the border, RIA Novosti reported, citing the people’s government of Manchuria county in Inner Mongolia.

Earlier, freight carriers reported that there are about 1000 trucks in queues at the Russian-Chinese border, and a downtime brings losses of about 40 million rubles. per day. There are queues at the Zabaikalsk – Manchuria, Pogranichny – Suifenhe and Poltavka – Dongnin checkpoints.

During the pandemic, China introduced a rule at the checkpoint, according to which foreign trucks with empty trailers enter China, the tractor unhooks the trailer and returns home. In China, the goods are loaded onto a trailer, the tractor returns to China, picks up the trailer with the goods and transports them across the border. According to the Chinese side, such a system is a safe preventive measure at checkpoints, which can reduce the risk of an epidemic and ensure the stability of trade.

At the Zabaikalsk – Manchuria checkpoint, there were traffic jams, including because of the Russian rule that only the tractor that brought it to China can pick up a trailer with goods. Therefore, to export one trailer with goods from China to Russia, the tractor crosses the border four times, two of which are empty.

“The Chinese side has repeatedly held consultations with Russia through various channels to lift the relevant restrictions, but the Russian side has not made any significant changes,” the Manchurian government said.

China expressed the hope that Russia will switch to a transportation system that operates at the checkpoint in Xinjiang between China and Kazakhstan. According to this system, any tractor, after it has imported an empty trailer into the PRC, can pick up an already loaded trailer and take it out of China.



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