Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed artificial intelligence that is able to study a criminal case based on an oral description and bring charges against it, writes the South China Mourning Post.

The new technology was tested in more than 17,000 cases initiated from 2015 to 2020. The neural network is charging with 97% accuracy based on a thousand parameters for the eight most common crimes in Shanghai, including theft, dangerous driving and credit card fraud.

The developers argue that over time, AI will become even more accurate: it will be able to recognize less common offenses and bring charges under several articles to one suspect.

The digital prosecutor has reportedly already been tested at the Pudong District People’s Procuratorate in Shanghai, the largest and busiest in the country. Scientists believe it will help prosecutors focus on more complex tasks.

The Chinese prosecutors themselves criticized the technology, the newspaper notes – in their opinion, the efficiency of the neural network is questionable. In particular, lawyers note that it is not clear who should take responsibility if the algorithm makes a mistake – the prosecutor, the machine itself or its developer. Another problem is that the AI ​​can only bring charges based on its previous experience and is unable to anticipate the public reaction to the case.


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