China in drought; The government has proposed to close the factories for six days China’s worst heatwave in 60 years is forcing factories to close

Hsinchuang: Due to the drought, the government has issued an emergency order to shut down factories for six days in Hsinchuang to conserve energy. Due to the drought, the production at the hydroelectric plant was reduced. The restrictions were tightened due to the ensuing power shortage.

Factories operating in 19 out of 21 towns in the province of 84 million people have been ordered to close. The decision was made to provide enough electricity to homes.

Since July, the heat has started in China. Temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius in several towns. There is also a water shortage. The heat wave reached its highest level in 60 years on August 7.

A/C use has increased as the heat has increased. The authorities have suggested that restrictions should be placed on the working of A/C and lifts in the offices. The city of Lishua in Hsinchuang also announced that it will turn off street lights to reduce energy consumption.

Hsinchuang is a hydropower hub with major factories producing solar panels and semiconductors. China’s lithium mine is also located here.


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