China lashes out at Lithuania over opening of embassy in Taiwan: Ambassador recalled

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BEIJING: China has downgraded relations with Lithuania as it opened a delegation office for diplomatic missions in Taiwan. Taiwan became a separate country after the 1949 civil war. China does not accept it. President Jinping’s recent announcement that he would reunite Taiwan with China has heightened tensions. In this context, Lithuania, a member of the European Union, opened its embassy in Taiwan last Thursday. This has greatly provoked China. In response, China has downgraded its relationship with Lithuania.

Lithuania’s embassy in China can no longer function without its ambassador. Similarly, China has recalled its ambassador to Lithuania. A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “Lithuania has set a bad example internationally by interfering in China’s internal affairs. No matter what Taiwan does, it will not change that it is a part of China. ‘ Only 15 small countries have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It is noteworthy that the United States supports this move by Lithuania.

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