Published on : 20/05/2022 – 16:47

A few months ago, China was presented as the big economic winner of the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to a vigorous recovery that began in 2020. The situation has turned around today with more or less strict confinements in certain major cities , starting with Shanghai, after the discovery of cases of contamination.

The assumed zero Covid policy, imposed by the communist regime, penalizes consumption, resurrects the problem of unemployment and handicaps world trade which is already severely disrupted. Major economic issue, political issue also for President Xi Jinping, a few months from the XXth congress scheduled for the fall of 2022. Its Prime Minister Li Keqiang calls for the launch of new measures to support the national economy. Because China has just unveiled its worst economic results for two years. Growth targets are challenged.

In turn, the most populous country on the planet is therefore in doubt. Is China, which wishes to remain open to the world, on the edge of the precipice?


Philippe LeCorre, teacher-researcher at ESSEC, Harvard Kennedy School et au Centre John Fairbank (center for Chinese studies), former RFI correspondent in Beijing

Françoise Huang, economist in charge of Asia at Allianz Trade

Stephane Lagarde, permanent correspondent of RFI in Beijing.

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