China returns to service an EPR reactor in Taishan, a year after an incident

This plant is the first EPR installation to have been commissioned in the world.

An EPR reactor at the Taishan nuclear power plant in southern China is back in operation more than a year after it was shut down for a sealing problem, its operator said. Built in partnership with the French energy group EDF, the Taishan power plant, near Hong Kong, is the first EPR facility to have been commissioned in the world. This technology is presented as the flagship of the French nuclear industry and a showcase for EDF.

In July 2021, one of the two Taishan reactors was shut down, after the discovery of a fuel rod sealing problem, then qualified as “courantby the Chinese authorities who had ruled out any danger. After “inspection et maintenance“, The reactor in question was reconnected at the beginning of the week to the Chinese electricity grid, announced Tuesday the local operator of the Taishan power plant, the Chinese CGN. No abnormality on the plant and its surroundings has been noted, specifies CGN which ensures that safety is a “priority».

Disadvantages of EPR technology

Associated with the project, EDF supplied the EPR technology for the Taishan power plant but is a minority shareholder (30%), via a joint venture founded with CGN. EDF confirmed on Wednesday the return to service of the EPR reactor in question. “After an in-depth investigation, the Chinese safety authority has given its approval for the restart of the Taishan EPR reactor (number) 1“, said a spokeswoman to AFP. EPR technology (forEuropean Pressurised Reactor» — «european pressurized reactor”) is designed to provide improved power and safety.

But it has suffered many disappointments, in France, Finland and to a lesser extent in England, where reactors under construction have accumulated delays and budget overruns. Launched in 1992, the EPR technology was co-developed by the French Areva and the German Siemens within their joint subsidiary, from which Siemens has since withdrawn. EDF finally took control of this activity during the reorganization of the French nuclear sector orchestrated by the State.

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