China, stop any investigation into the virus of an arrogant WHO

“The WHO is arrogant and we do not accept any investigation into the origin of Covid-19,” said the dry response of the Deputy Minister of Health, Zeng Yixin on behalf of the Chinese government.

China has rejected the World Health Organization (WHO) plan to further investigate the origin of Covid-19 and in particular the theory that the virus managed to escape from a laboratory.

Zeng said he was very surprised that WHO proposed a return to Wuhan for the mission that had already visited the city of the first Covid cases in the world between January and February of this year.

“In some respects – the deputy minister said – the WHO plan for the next phase of investigation into the origin of the Coronavirus does not respect common sense and goes against science. It is impossible for us to accept that plan ”.

The United Nations international mission returning from Wuhan in January of this year had drafted its report, in which it believed that the “most probable” hypothesis on the origin of Covid was the jump of the virus from an animal (perhaps, a bat) to man through a third species which has not been determined until now. The report found the theory of a laboratory leak to be “highly improbable”.

But already at the presentation of the final document on March 30, WHO director general, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, was dissatisfied due to the paucity of data that China had provided to scientists. According to the number one of the WHO, the hypothesis of the escape from a laboratory deserved further attention.

Already then he had announced that he would advise the return of the experts to Wuhan to deepen the investigations and examine in detail the theory of the escape of the virus.

Since then, several Western countries, primarily the United States, have questioned the credibility of the original report and called for a new mission to be sent to better study the case.

In late May, US President Joe Biden ordered a study of his intelligence services to evaluate the possibility that the origin of Covid was in a laboratory, giving them three months for a response. On 9 June, the European Union also declared its intention to support the American president’s initiative.

Last week Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus proposed that the second phase of the Coronavirus origin investigation may include new investigations by WHO experts within China, including “controls of laboratories or research institutes active in the region where they are located. the first cases of Covid have been identified “.

It is certainly important to investigate whether the pandemic may have originated in a Chinese laboratory.

The WHO subsequently underlined that what is asked of China is “transparent, open and cooperative, especially in the request for information already requested in the first days of the pandemic”.

Beijing is absolutely against it as it is convinced that there are political motivations behind this hypothesis. The Chinese government agrees that investigations into the origin of the pandemic should continue, yes, but in other countries, such as the US military laboratory at Fort Derrick.

The only truth is that the over 4 million deaths from Coronavirus will never know why they died and who was to give birth or to escape such a subtle, powerful and lethal virus.


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