China successfully launches satellite to study low-Earth orbit

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China successfully launched the Shiyan-13 satellite into orbit on Monday. The purpose of the launch of the satellite is to study near-Earth space, the China Space Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said in a statement.

As noted, the launch of the Long March-2D rocket with a satellite on board was recorded at 10.35 local time (05.35 Moscow time) from the Taiyuan Cosmodrome in Shanxi Province in the northern part of the country. After some time, as a result of the launch, the device successfully entered the specified orbit.

The ministry clarified that for launch vehicles of the Long March series, this is already the 406th launch.

In 2021, China broke another national record for the number of space launches per year, last year they reached 55. The previous record of 39 launches was broken in 2018 and repeated in 2020.


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