China, university professor slaughters the secretary of the Communist Party –

FROM OUR CORRESPONDING BEIJING A crime upsets the Fudan, a famous university in Shanghai that appears permanently in the world Top 100. Jiang Wenhua, 39, a professor of statistics, stabbed to death the party secretary of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences on the Handan Street campus (one of the four of the Fudan). The police released a short statement in which they explain that the killer he acted in revenge: he was convinced that the Communist official had targeted him and ruined his career.

On Weibo, the main Chinese social network, a short shocking video circulates in which Jiang can be seen, on his knees, his hands tied behind his back, his clothes torn and bloody that he calmly confesses to the agents: The party secretary mistreated me for years and then set me up … I bought a knife on the web, I came in faculty, I faced him and I settled the bill by opening his throat. The authorities have not given any other information and it is already strange that the movie of the confession on the scene of the crime was published (on the web there is also the hypothesis that the party secretary was much feared and hated and that for this reason someone has given publicity to the words of the murderer, who accuse him of political bullying).

The tam tam of Fudan students on social networks revealed other details: Professor Jiang had studied and taught in the United States, Ph.D at Rutgers University in 2009, then until 2011 he had been at Johns Hopkins. Called to Fudan, he found himself in front of him Wang Yongzhen, 49, the Communist Party Secretary in the Faculty of Mathematics. Party secretaries are present in all state labor organizations in China. They are charged with maintaining ideological purity and fidelity to directives. On university campuses they must also avoid the dissemination of Western concepts and values. Perhaps the mathematician Jiang, a veteran of the United States, he was suspected of harboring unorthodox ideas. It seems that Wang had decided to remove him from teaching, degrading him to a researcher, without being able to have contact with the students anymore.

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