China was responsible for 31 percent of global CO2 emissions in 2020

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CLast year, hina was responsible for 31 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This emerges from the climate report of the research project Global Carbon Project 2021, which was published on Thursday on the occasion of the world climate conference COP26 in Glasgow. This high increase in CO2 emissions could be due to the fact that the Chinese economy recovered from the corona crisis earlier than the rest of the world, explained the authors of the Global Carbon Project. The energy sector and industry are responsible for the higher CO2 emissions.

According to the report, this year global greenhouse gas emissions will again approach the level of before the Covid pandemic. If this year’s trends continue, a further increase in emissions in 2022 cannot be ruled out, the researchers said. This is especially true when road and air traffic return to their previous levels.

“The rapid increase in emissions caused by the economic recovery from the pandemic increases the need for immediate action against climate change,” said Pierre Friedlingstein of the Global Systems Institute in Exeter, who led the study. The investments in the green economy in the economic stimulus programs of some countries have so far not been sufficient to reverse the trend.

Emissions in Germany will decrease in 2020

For the EU, the Global Carbon Project predicts an increase in greenhouse gas emissions of 7.6 percent in 2021 compared to 2020. The emissions would then be 4.2 percent lower than in 2019. In Germany, emissions in 2020 were 9.7 percent below the level of 2019.


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