China will collect samples from the far side of the Moon in 2024

China will collect samples from the far side of the Moon in 2024

2023-10-01 01:30:00

China released new details about its next lunar mission, Chang’e 6, which aims to collect samples from the far side of the Moon in 2024, local media reported this Saturday (09/30/2023).

This robotic expedition has been scheduled to land next year in the South Pole-Aitken Basin, a lunar region that has long intrigued scientists, the official China Daily reported.

The China Space Administration reported Friday that the project “has progressed smoothly so far, and has been meticulously planned.”

The mission will consist of several components, including an orbiter, a lunar lander, an elevator and a reentry module.

Relay satellite will be launched

One of the key developments of this mission is the launch of the Queqiao 2 relay satellite, scheduled for the first half of 2024.

This satellite will facilitate communication between the Chang’e 6 probe and Earth, ensuring efficient data transmission.

If the mission is successful, this will be the first time samples have been obtained from the far side, which could reveal valuable information about lunar history.

In addition to its scientific importance, Chang’e 6 will carry an international cargo that includes 10 kilograms of foreign equipment on the moon landing and orbiter.

France, Italy and the European Space Agency will contribute scientific instruments, while Pakistan will provide a payload.

In recent years, Beijing has invested heavily in its space program and has achieved milestones such as the successful landing of a probe, Chang’e 4, on the far side of the Moon in January 2019, an achievement that no country had ever achieved. till the date.

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