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New Delhi: China’s first foreign military base may pose a threat to India, reports said. China’s military base is located in Djibouti, a country on the eastern tip of the African continent. The neighboring countries are Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. 20 km from Djibouti to Yemen on the other side of the Red Sea. There is only distance. The military base coming here may pose a security threat to India.

The details of this are clarified in the annual report prepared by the US Department of Defense on China. The report submitted to the US Congress was released on Sunday. The US has also stated earlier that China is likely to deploy aircraft carriers in the Indian Ocean region.

China currently has three aircraft carriers. The Indian Navy has two aircraft carriers. Russian built INS Vikramaditya and indigenously built INS Vikrant. Although Vikrant has commissioned it, it will take months to complete.

English Summary: Huge Warning For Indian Navy In US Dossier On China


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