Chinese Bride Breaks Down At Her Wedding

Chinese Bride Breaks Down At Her Wedding

No matter how much time has progressed, there has been no decrease in the number of parents who are eager to get their girls married without allowing them to live on their own. Those who propagate the idea that marriage is the only important thing in the life of girls and force them to do so. There are many girls who have to put aside all their dreams about life and finally have to give in to the insistence of their parents. A video of a new bride breaking down in tears thinking that all her dreams for the future have been destroyed by marriage comes out from China.

In the video, the bride can be seen wearing her wedding clothes on her wedding day. The girl says that she was not thinking about marriage. But her parents were only dreaming of her marriage. They are getting older. A situation where all the relatives keep telling him only one thing that is marriage. In addition to all this, the girl says that the neighbors were spreading gossip about her as she remained unmarried.

When the pressure from all four sides became unbearable, she decided to marry a person she met through dating without thinking about her interests and future. The girl says that even though she was not completely interested in the person she found, she entered into marriage because she had no other fulfillment. The new bride says that this marriage is only for the peace of mind of her parents and she feels that her future is gone.

Many are reacting to the video by sympathizing with the plight of the girl. A girl who enters a new life with such despair will never be able to find happiness in that life. But many people point out that after getting married, others will think that her life has become happy. Another notes that a forced marriage is extremely painful.

But there are many who advise that one should give importance to one’s own affairs more than others. Life is too short. They also ask whether it is necessary to sacrifice one’s own life to make others happy. It is clear in the video that the girl is in extreme distress. Others also raise the question whether it is not a decision that hurts him in this state of mind where he cannot love the person he has chosen as a groom.

English Summary: “Marrying Only To Satisfy Parents”: Chinese Bride Breaks Down At Her Wedding


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