Chinese exports rose 28% in September

At the end of September, exports from China increased by 28% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $ 305.7 billion. This is higher than the August dynamics (25.6%), and also exceeded the expectations of analysts polled by Reuters, who had expected an increase of only 21%. …

Imports increased by 17.6% in September to $ 240 billion, while in August the growth was 33%. Experts note that the high dynamics this year is largely due to the effect of the low base – a year earlier, China was just beginning to lift coronavirus restrictions. Strong export growth was shown even despite the energy crisis in China, which made analysts expect more modest dynamics. However, economists continue to insist that export growth may slow down in the near future.

“The bigger problem for exports is that the demand for (Chinese.— “B”) goods from abroad were stimulated by measures of government support in developed countries and a shift in consumer demand in the context of the pandemic, – quoted by the Associated Press Julian Evans-Pritchard from the British consulting company Capital Economics. …

Evgeny Khvostik



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