Chinese scientists suggest equipping high-speed trains with wings for better aerodynamics

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Chinese scientists published an article in the scientific journal Acta Aerodynamica Sinica, where they come to the conclusion that equipping a locomotive and passenger cars with five pairs of small wings will reduce the load on the chassis by 30%. This will increase the speed of trains even more without switching to magnetic levitation trains.

Currently, the maximum train speed in China is 350 km / h. The addition of fenders will allow the locomotives to reach speeds of up to 450 km / h. The wings should be positioned at a distance of one and a half to two meters from the ground. It is impossible to lower it due to turbulence, and a higher location will interfere with the infrastructure. Also, new technical problems may be associated with the wings, there is a risk of increased noise and vibration.

In the 1980s, Japanese engineers already proposed making trains with wings, and the first tests were successful. However, the wingspan was too large to be able to approach platforms and maneuver around corners. A variant with five pairs of small wings will help circumvent this problem, according to Chinese scientists.

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