Chiyaan vikram: Long day dream come true … Vikram flexibility about meeting with famous singer

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Tamil Nadu, First Published Nov 22, 2021, 7:25 PM IST

Vikram is a rising star in the Tamil film industry. He is currently in possession of films like Cobra, Pole Star, Mahan, Ponni’s Selvan. Films like Mahan and Cobra are awaiting release after shooting. Similarly, the final stages of the films Pole Star and Ponni’s Selvan are in full swing.

Actor Vikram is an ardent fan of singer P. Susheela. Vikram wanted to meet him in person somehow. Currently his long day wish is coming true. This beautiful moment has been posted on the social networking site by singer Susila.

Chiyaan Vikram dream come true moment with singer P Susheela

It said: “One day in October, a phone call came to Sushilamma’s house. Actor Vikram spoke to their manager. Vikram said that Sushila is a big fan of mom and wants to meet them. Mom said she could come the next evening.

On the one hand the joy of seeing Mom, on the other hand the fear mixed with respect, would not be superfluous if he had been dreaming for a while. Vikram did not expect his mother to behave so casually and wondered if their speech was as sweet as their songs. Talked to mom about many songs. My mother sang some songs with him.

Chiyaan Vikram dream come true moment with singer P Susheela

Today’s leading hero Vikram was so politely accustomed to being so humble without any bond that it was surprising. The mind was also happy. The man who had come to see his mother for ten minutes left talking for 2 hours and reluctantly left for urgent work.

He left saying that my life dream had come true and thanked the Lord for it. He went on to say that he would come often if his mother had no objection. Thank you Vikram for giving us a good evening. For a leading actor to be in such a high place, it is rare to be so simple. Thank you Vikram sir. ”

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