Chléo Modestine candidate for Miss France, everything you need to know about the beauty queen

Chléo Modestine candidate for Miss France, everything you need to know about the beauty queen

2023-09-25 16:13:00

MISS MARTINIQUE 2023. Martinique has found its candidate for the Miss France election in the person of Chléo Modestine. Discover his portrait.

Miss Martinique 2023 was elected this Saturday, September 23, 2023 at the Aimé-Césaire cultural park in Fort-de-France. Against nine other candidates, it was Chléo Modestine who won the sash and the ticket to participate in the next Miss France election, on December 16 in Dijon.

Aged 21, the new Miss Martinique is from Vauclin, in the south-east of the island. When she is not walking the beauty catwalks, Chléo Modestine studies BTS international business. And the young woman already knows what subject she intends to defend on the stage of Miss France: “I wanted to talk about something which is in my genes and which embodies me, it is cultural mixing, she explained to RCI FM’s 1 p.m. news. And that’s something I’ll be proud to represent.”

Everything you need to know about Miss Martinique

Miss Martinique is a beauty contest which aims to elect each year a candidate for the Miss France competition. Several young women apply in the hope of becoming the ambassador of their island. Since the creation of the national competition, no Miss Martinique has been elected Miss France.

Axelle Renee : in 2022, Axelle Renée rose to fourth place in the Miss France election by winning the title of third runner-up to Indira Ampiot. Aged 21 at the time of her coronation, she was also a Master 1 student in geosciences and planetology at the Sorbonne.
Floriane Bascou : In 2021, Martinique went very far during the Miss France election. Floriane Bascou was able to dream of obtaining the crown of Miss France since she placed second in the national competition. Floriane Bascou was second runner-up to Diane Leyre.
Sephorah Azure: In 2020, it was Séphorah Azur who paraded with the Miss Martinique sash during the election Miss France 2021. Then aged 23, the young woman was elected in Fort-de-France. After growing up in the town of Schoelcher, she obtained a literary baccalaureate and began studying psychology. At the time of her participation in the national competition, she was in her third year of undergraduate studies. During the national competition, Séphorah Azur unfortunately did not place in the top 15.
Amber Bozza: Ambre Bozza, was elected Miss Martinique on October 4, 2020 in Fort de France. Aged 21, Ambre Bozza was a second year art school student. She did not place during the Miss France 2021 election.
Olivia Luscap : Olivia Luscap is the Martinican candidate for the Miss France 2019 election. At only 18 years old, Miss Martinique 2018 was already planning to create her company in the agri-food industry, although she was only in the second year of preparatory class in biology . She did not place in the Miss France 2019 election.
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