Chris Hemsworth sweats while exercising – and everyone only looks at Thor’s hammer | Entertainment

Chris Hemsworth sweats while exercising – and everyone only looks at Thor’s hammer |  Entertainment

2023-05-30 11:50:44

This workout was harder than I thought!

The Australian Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth (39) actually wanted to delight his fans with a small workout video. A little sweat, some strong muscles…

The actor posted the short clip on Instagram, which is now being hotly debated online. Hemsworth wrote: “Good little session. Finally, some core strengthening.” Shares an emoji that shows a Mucki arm.

This scene from Chris’ workout video is stirring fans’ tempers

Foto: chrishemsworth/Instagram

pull-ups. Fast boxing punches. floor exercises. But when watching the video, the steeled muscles quickly fall out of focus. During the Marvel hero wears a gray cap and green shorts on the floor, shows one between his legs huge bump. Dropping by – not an option.

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Luckily he knows big things…

Chris Hemsworth embodies in the Marvel series “ Thor“ since 2011 the demigod Thor Odinson. In the four films, he drives bad guys away with his mighty hammer. Of all things!

It can’t be a coincidence – his fans are sure of it. Under his post, the angry users exchange ideas and comment on the new Mucki-Penis video with amusement.

One user wrote: “So, did you get to keep the hammer?”, while another cheered: “I swear I could see Thor’s hammer. happy wife”.

A third user comments with amusement: “I’ve watched it several times now. Shouldn’t the last exercise only use one leg at a time?”

Chris Hemswoth wields his big hammer in the four Thor films - like here in 2013's The Dark Kongdom

Chris Hemswoth swings his big hammer in the four Thor films – like here in “The Dark Kingdom”, which was released in 2013

Photo: Allstar/Marvel Studios/Walt Disney

So the internet jokes about Hemsworth’s third leg – the actor himself has so far remained silent about his latest hit film. Is it all coincidence or did he know exactly what he was doing when he uploaded the little flick?

In fact, it’s not the first time Hemsworth’s finest has come under the spotlight. In a scene of the comedy “Vacation – We are the Grisworlds” in 2015 he was seen with a giant penis. At the time, however, the screenwriters revealed that help had been given.

Chris Hemsworth

Dad, Hollywood hero and husband: Chris Hemsworth can do it all! The Australian has been married since 2010 and has three children

Foto: Getty Images

They would have had a choice of an 8 inch or 10 inch prosthesis to exaggerate the size of his penis for the scene. In the end, the choice fell on the larger one because the smaller one looked too “real”.

That statement left fans with plenty of scope for fantasies…

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