Chris Paul and Phoenix, is it almost over?

Chris Paul and Phoenix, is it almost over?

2023-06-08 06:44:47

The 38-year-old guard should no longer wear the colors of Phoenix at the start of next season.

Thunderbolt in Arizona. According to Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report et TNT, the Suns are considering cutting Chris Paul. We want to be more careful on the side of The Athletic explaining that the Phoenix club is studying all options, namely cutting “CP3”, exchanging him, stretching his contract for a longer period or cutting him in order to re-sign him as a free player, with a lower salary.

The 38-year-old point guard’s agent, Steven Heumann (CAA Sports), was informed of what was going on. Paul’s contract for next season, at $30.8 million, will be fully guaranteed after June 28. The Suns would save roughly half that amount by parting ways with the former Clippers player before the deadline. It inevitably makes you think… Note that the last year of the “CP3” deal at $30 million is not guaranteed at all for the 2024-25 campaign. Which “CP3” missed the play-offs through injury after shooting 13.9 points, 8.9 “assists” and 1.5 interceptions in the regular season.

DeAndre Ayton in the cart too?

ESPN is on the same line, namely that Phoenix is ​​still considering all the options to reshape its roster. A reflection that also concerns DeAndre Ayton, who could be traded this summer too. “Woj” adds that Chris Paul still wants to stay in Arizona, while Haynes promises that the person concerned does not think of retirement and that he will wish to join a suitor in the event of departure.

The title is obviously what the Suns will be aiming for next season around the pair Kevin Durant / Devin Booker, after a sad exit from the track in the Conference semi-finals against the Denver Nuggets. Monty Williams paid the pots. Frank Vogel took his place on the bench. But it is therefore not the only major movement to expect this summer in Phoenix… Rookie of the year in 2006, 11 times All Star and third best passer and interceptor in NBA history, Chris Paul joined the Suns three years ago. With him, Phoenix reached the Finals two years ago.

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