Chrissie Tigan underwent an eyebrow transplant, abducted

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Before Chrissie Tigan is a celeb she is a 35-year-old woman who takes care of her eyebrows, and earlier this week she revealed she had undergone an eyebrow transplant. The network did not like the star’s enthusiastic posts, and after finding herself under attack – she replied

Earlier this week we told you in surprise that the 35-year-old model, Chrissie Tigan, underwent an eyebrow transplant. Chrissie, who used to share with her followers every step she takes, revealed on her Instagram page that she decided to put an end to the sparse eyebrows on her face, and in a cosmetic procedure implanted hair behind her scalp directly into the skin of her face. On the net as on the net, many rushed to attack the beloved Chrissy, and now she is answering to all the critics.

The star shared an article published in the British Daily Mail, entitled: “Trouble of the rich”. “Chrissie Tigan is accused in ‘offline’ posts of having her eyebrow transplant surgery – with critics claiming people are ‘suffering’ and ‘trying to pay bills’.”

Quite a few angry reactions were published in the article in question, in which many surfers attacked the star for the enthusiastic sharing. When Chrissie, who is receiving quite a bit of criticism on the net, was exposed to the news – she decided to comment. “Why are people so excited about every little thing I do?”, She wondered as she shared the screenshot of the article. “You’ll cause yourself a heart attack.” Strengthen.

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