Christian Gravel, prefect responsible for its management, announces his resignation

Christian Gravel, prefect responsible for its management, announces his resignation

2023-06-06 20:51:26

This is one of the first consequences after revelations about the Marianne fund. Christian Gravel, prefect in charge of the Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalization (CIPDR) managing the controversial anti-separatism fund, “wanted to submit his resignation, which was accepted”, affirmed the interior ministry this Tuesday in a press release. This decision follows the publication of a report by the General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA) for the subsidy paid to one of the associations benefiting from the fund by the CIPDR. Christian Gravel was the secretary general of this fund management committee, based at the Ministry of the Interior.

“The general secretariat of the CIPDR has not carried out the due diligence necessary for the proper monitoring of the execution of the subsidy paid to the USEPPM”, the main association beneficiary of the fund, denounces the report of the IGA published by Place Beauvau . “This failure is, in part, attributable to the association, which did not send the documentation required by the agreement on time. It also stems from failures in the organization of the service, a lack of vigilance and the privileged treatment reserved for this association,” he adds.

Refund requested

The report also points out that the CIPDR’s “call for projects” to select initiatives “was neither transparent nor fair”. He also regrets that “the use made of the subsidy received by the USEPPM [qui devait initialement recevoir environ 355.00 euros] did not comply with the objectives set out in the agreement” between it and the CIPDR. And that “part of the grant was not spent in accordance with the agreement. »

The mission “recommends” that “the CIPDR ask the USEPPM to reimburse almost half of the subsidy paid”. All of the recommendations of the IGA “will be implemented”, indicates Beauvau. According to the ministry, another IGA report on all 17 associations benefiting from the fund will be submitted at the end of June.

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