Christian singer clashes with pastor and leaves the pulpit

Christian singer clashes with pastor and leaves the pulpit

2023-09-24 22:03:33

NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM- The young preacher, Victoria Souzawas once again involved in a controversy, during an event held by the Assembly of God, in Sao Paulo, when his dissatisfied father argued with the pastor, and then he and his daughter left the place.

According to Gospelmaisthe pastor responsible for the church and the event, Everton Porto, established a time in the schedule for the preaching of the young woman, who did not like the stipulated space, and decided to leave the place.

“Dear ones, here I want to make something clear to you. I didn’t come here as a star, I didn’t come here as an artist, as a product, I came here to worship Jesus. Whoever follows me on social networks knows that Vitoria has one word: ministrationand I was given a schedule, in which I would be ministering today.

At that moment, you can see the young woman’s father, at the back of the stage, complementing what his daughter was saying: “Brothers, I want to tell you, thank God we don’t charge, because logically the amount we ask for is fuel, a subsidy for expenses, to eat on the road. “I don’t charge too much brother, because I don’t think it’s fair,” she added.

Victoria Souza then decided to leave the event. “I want to tell the brothers that my role has been fulfilled. I got here, they gave me a schedule, then it changed. I came here, to worship. Victory is not a product. I am a worshiper. I want to tell you that since the pastor sees me as a product, I will retire.”

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“Cut the microphone.”

At that moment, you can see the pastor responsible, asking that the young preacher’s microphone be cut off, while her father takes her off the stage, and those present applaud her.

Then, the pastor says that due to all the scandal that there was, the initial idea was not to invite Victoria Souza. “We were not going to bring her to our church. I, the pastor, paid for this. Let’s listen to Elaine de Jesús,” he says, clearly referring to the young preacher, as a “product.”

“Take it out, my brother,” says the pastor from above the stage, while Victoria Souza’s father protests from below.

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